• Gemma

My Favourite Faux Fur Designer; Donnybrook

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Donnybrook is a North American word meaning "a scene of uproar and dissorder" now wether thats the reason behind the name i don't know but it certainly applies. I wore my very own Donnybrook jacket to a popular chain of supermarket the other week and caused a minor scene of uproar myself with people craning their necks, staring and a bit of pointing, naturally these are not coats for the wallflowers out there but I don't mind a bit of attention grabbing.

Their 1980s coats are wild, fun, sometimes brightly coloured but always make a statement. This Horse and Hound jacket (as I like to call it) is absolutely full of of detail, you'll find something new in the print everytime you look at it and the use of an autmnal, slightly muted colour pallette (compared to their other jackets) is totally gorgeous!

Below are the two brightly coloured Donnybrook jackets I have in store at the moment and I am in love! I know you shouldn't have a favourite child (coat) but the multi colour tartan jacket just makes my heart flutter. The words "Multi colour" and "Tartan" always get me excited but to see the two combined so well on a faux fur coat is just too much!

Their jackets are not only incredibly cool, they're also made to a very high standard with super plush faux fur and they are cut and lined to perfection. To date I've not met one of their 80's jackets that isn't in mint condition, now i'm sure this is mostly to do with the quality of the item but I've also got a sneaking suspicion these coats were only worn on special ocassions and spent the rest of their time tucked away in a cupboard and that's what makes these the perfect vintage find.

Donnybrook even has celebrity fans, below is a pic of Rhianna rocking her 1980s Art Deco faces Donnybrook jacket, shes been spotted on many occassion wearing this coat and who could blame her! it's definitely one of my faves. I haven't got this one in the collection YET but I'm pretty sure i will do soon enough, watch this space!