• Gemma

My obsession with Dino Z and all things snazzy suede

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

You can probaly tell from the title that I am obsessed with 1980s designer Dino Z, his suede jackets just have it all-





His eye for detail is incredible from the fabulous patterned lining he tends to use down to the beautifully ornate buttons that finish the jackets off and give them the edge compared to other brands.

His eye for combining different colour suedes and the way they are so perfectly stitched together even when cut at completely bonkers angles is amazing.

Above is the perfect example of how he gets colour combining so right! and then goes the extra mile to add Gold leather that looks like stitching, Detail, Detail, Detail!

He also loves to combine other materials as well, often using stud work and applique.

Of course Dino Z wasn't the only one doing this, below is an example by Patti Pen, she has combined suedes in a fun and creative way and finished the jacket off with gorgeous sparkling buttons.

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