• Gemma

Photographic Print

So i realised recently that I have a number of photographic print items, now I can't say that i've gone out looking for them (or that in all honesty I particularly liked them) but there must've been something in my subconcious that was drawn to them and why not? They're bright, bold, fun, playful and cover a whole range of themes, all the things that I would say sum up TDOV.

I particularly enjoy prints that have people and places on them because they really tell a story of the time the picture was taken (and normally when the item was made). Check out the incredible print on the 1970s vest top below portraying different city scapes but I especially love the two 70's waitors in the middle, Do you think they ever knew they were on a vest top?!

I love how most photographic print items are collage effect, instead of just using one image they tend to be layered with many pics usually on the same theme. Below is a great example of this, a shirt covered in American/Route 66 pictures, Fab!

Wildlife and botanical pictures can be super fun as well and add a splash of colour and summer vibes, below is the skirt section of a 1980s dress. If you live in the city (like me) and don't have enough room for a garden, why not wear one lol

Photographic prints became popular in the 70s and had a revival in the late 90's early 00s, well i think it's high time they had another come back!